I teach introductory anthropology courses, qualitative research methods courses, and food studies courses. Almost all of them require students to do *something* besides sit and stare at me.  Students usually get a kick out of this because, guess what? They don’t like to sit and stare at me any more than I do…unless they are asking questions about my outfits. There are always questions about the outfits.

My teaching is creative, fun, and full of stories. I enjoy it. My students think I’m pretty good at it, too. Some of them nominated me for a teaching award. My colleagues agreed, and I was awarded the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence in Fall 2017.

Anyway, here are the courses I offer. Below I link to course descriptions + assignments for some courses. Not all courses are linked to materials. You will notice there are no full syllabi posted. That is because people steal, especially from Black women. If you want to talk about syllabi, feel free to reach out.

Spring 2018

Introduction to Medical Anthropology

Ethnographic Research Methods (formerly known as Qualitative Research Methods)

Fall 2017

I’m currently on research leave as a fellow at Emory’s James Weldon Johnson Institute.

Spring 2017

Introduction to Anthropology

Qualitative Research Methods

Fall 2016

Introduction to Anthropology

Food in the City

Making Lemonade: Beyoncé and the Aesthetics of Black Womanhood (1-credit hour course)

Spring 2016

Introduction to Anthropology

Qualitative Research Methods

Fall 2015

Introduction to Anthropology